To invest in a major project



The Franck Sorbier company is looking for new partners to turn over a new page of its history and to undertake the business development step on the French and international market. 

With an expertise of more than 30 years, from luxury ready-to-wear to Haute couture, including arts, scenography, stage costumes, co-brandings ..., the Franck Sorbier company gets strong and powerful assets and an unique DNA as well : a solid basis for an obvious success story

The only one of his kind in the world

Franck Sorbier is the only fashion designer in the world who has been awarded two prestigious honorary titles by the Government of the French Republic :

Haute Couture label

Maître d'Art (Master of Art) label

Superior know-how and Luxury

Defining his Haute Couture as transcultural, Franck Sorbier creates 90% of his models, using traditional and innovative technics and craftsmanship :

Lace incrustation
macramé, lirette ...
the compression : a patented brand proprietary technic.
Franck Sorbier is the unique owner and the only one to master the compression technic which he has invented.


Prestigious collaborations

Franck Sorbier has worked for the greatest (Cartier Haute Joaillerie, Swatch Group, General Motors, Devernois, Rubelli, Tassinari & Châtel ...) and has collaborated as well for some of the most famous French artists and international ones (Kimbra, Lady Gaga, Johnny Hallyday, Mylène Farmer, Manu Di Bango...) and for Opera stage costumes and nowadays for the Ballet with the Stanivlaski of Moscow.


Franck Sorbier transmits his knowledge and expertise of fashion and of Haute Couture to French and international young talents who wish to access to super-luxury world.

An exclusive signature

Each Franck Sorbier creation and each Franck Sorbier collection draws up a specific universe through historical, cultural, artistic, philosophic or even vanguard and forward-thinking references : from the testimony of Frankincense trails to a virtual collection made by 3d mapping and augmented reality, including Surrealism Art movement (Miro, Arp, Picabia, Duchamp ...).

From many years, Franck Sorbier positionnes himself as prescriber of the human's print on its environment : from the animal cause to the impact on ecosystems through his creative spirit and his collections. 

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Franck Sorbier Company contact
Isabelle Sorbier 
Chief Executive