The Sorbier Endowment Fund

An aim of sharing and to perpetuate know-how


Thanks to donations, the Sorbier Endowment Fund has for mission the safeguard of a living heritage and the perpetuation of an unique know-how and traditional as innovating technicalities.

To accomplish the incredible


The Haute Couture sector is still a closed world, dedicated to a limited circle of international buyers, journalists and of a prestigious client base.

Since its creation, the Sorbier Endowment Fund opens up the Haute Couture shows to a large public willing to be part of an exclusive adventure as well as for companies, concerned in protecting and sustaining the activity of the Grand Couturier and Master of Art, Franck Sorbier.

The Ateliers also open its doors to welcome conferences, workshop and meeting, under the aegis of the Franck Sorbier world.

Each donation allows for tax exemption (60 % for a company based in France, 66 % for individual living in France).

They have placed their trust in us

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