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The only one of his kind in the world

Frank Sorbier is the only fashion designer in the world who has been awarded two prestigious honorary titles by the Government of the French Republic :


He is the one and only Maître d’Art (Master of Art) amongst all the fashion designers

He is one of the very few Grands Couturiers (Haute Couture Fashion label – only 14 designers currently own this label)

Frank Sorbier has advised the most influential trends offices and collaborated on several campaign projects (Galeries Lafayette, So Pretty Cartier fragrance ...)


A 30 years of fashion expertise :


20 years of Haute Couture
10 years of High-end Ready to Wear, sold all around the world

(New York, London, Paris, Milan, Kuwait, Singapore, Hong Kong)

© Christophe Ena / AP


Raised in the French Basque Country, at his maternal grand-parents, this is a childhood inspired by his own roots, exploring books of photos, leading to discover that the Couture has always been part of the family spirit : a linen maid fabricating bride's trousseaux, a seamstress, sheet weavers or even a military uniform tailoring company in Alsace and in  Paris. 

Surprisingly, here is the basis of the essentials making the young Frank Sorbier hardly believing in the transmission. A magazine of know-how and technics convinces the futur Grand Couturier of his choice and since he was 15, for his friends and for him as well, Frank Sorbier creates again and again.

In the beginning of the 80's, a feeling of freedom and openness is spreading, everything is exciting and everything is possible. Frank Sorbier goes to Paris to study tailoring at a fashion school 

With the "Jury Special Award", he starts his career in design offices and rapidly becomes advisor in the two of the most prestigious trend officies in Paris. Frank Sorbier draws and designs collections for Printemps brand. 

Cumulating jobs such as teacher at a fashion school, Frank Sorbier particularly appreciates transmitting technics and the passion for his profession, he works and manages several FMCG budgets for the great fashion and trends agency, Mafia. 

Simultaneously, Frank Sorbier feels a new era coming and in 1987, decides to create a ready-to-wear aligned with his aspirations and his vision. 

Rapidly identified by prestigious photographers and stylists, Frank Sorbier designs apparels for advertising campaigns such as the famous Boléro for the brand Dim, the "flower woman" for Printemps and much more projects and campaigns ...

The American department stores deal businesses with Frank Sorbier for luxury ready-to-wear collections and, then, in 1990, he introduces his own eponymous brand.

A new destiny and a talent appreciated

Frank Sorbier is named, in 2004, Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres. In 2005, he is named Grand Couturier from the French Ministry for Industry and obtained the Haute Couture Label. Frédéric Mitterand, Minister for Culture granted Frank Sorbier the Master of Art (Maître d'Art) label, in November 2010. 

« Even if I am not running after awards, certificates and nominations, I am, clearly, honored to be Master of Art (Maître d'Art)

as my friends Massaro and Lesage (François who is sorely missing the existing landscape).

To be part of the family of talent, this is a marvelous reward. 

A responsibility, an honor, a consecration. 

This is like going through another dimension, above fashion, this is touching the excellence and the transmission. »

Craftsmanship as a passion

Frank Sorbier always innovates. Handling as the needle as the torch, as the fabrics as the metal, from the creation of Haute Couture dresses to the creation of silversmith traies, Frank Sorbier is all at once craftsman and artist.

Giving back all its meanings of the greek term "poïen", standing for the art of an artist and of a craftsman as well, Frank Sorbier spreads a poetical thread all over his masterpieces.  

Indeed, this is in the duet of roles - artist and craftsman, where the Couturier finds the blessing of his work. 

In endless search, Frank Sorbier defines the frame of a specific French know-how, a quest of aestheticism and ethic, a craftsmanship rooted in culture, heritage and economical reality as well.


To transmit, to give, to bring : those become the key words of the Franck Sorbier's Atelier. In this way, each collection, many students receive, with passion, the transmission of real and concrete craftsmanship, which are, unfortunately disappearing.


He will meticulously render to the new generation the passion of creating, of fabricating and the love of giving because Franck Sorbier is the only one and the last Couturier to create with his own hands and his sewing machine.

brazil.HIVER 04 05 058.jpg

Creation and philanthropy

Frank Sorbier involves in humanitarian causes for children and for education among others. He contributes to many charitable actions such as Action contre la Faim, Téléthon, Unicef, Unesco for sick children and African mothers living with HIV-AIDS ... and also the heritage preservation for example. 

The most federating project was to gather more than 190 celebrities by offering a textile pen and a square in organza in the way to describe their definition of Happiness : each square gave birth to a bridal veil sold at auction for the profit of a charitable action.

Voile 10 copie.jpg
Voile 11 copie.jpg

Frank Sorbier and the Arts

For Frank Sorbier, the arts belong and fit all together, interlock and have to be shared.

Each collection  tells a story, reveals a part of the multifaceted world of the Couturier. Those collections become a platform of sensibilisation and of new ways of thinking. The various topics such as the Nature, the animal care, the Planet, the Music, the Cinema, the Dance, the Childhood ... are iconoclastic and unexpected rendez-vous ; they draw the fibers of a unique brand DNA. 

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