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Grand Couturier and Master of Art


Haute Couture label


In the heart of fashion market ecosystem, Haute Couture is a French exception

Tremendously modern, it is a permanent gateway between a tradition for excellence in know-how and contemporaneity in creation embodying today manufacturing techniques that are at the cutting edge of innovation.

The Haute Couture collections are presented twice a year, in January and in July.


The designation « Haute Couture » became a legally registered designation of origin. Only those houses and companies that are approved each year by a dedicated commission run by the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture and held under the aegis of the French Ministry for Industry may become eligible for it.

Frank Sorbier involves into the international market for excellence among 15 others companies, certificated Haute Couture.

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Master of Art (Maître d'Art) label

The Master of Art (Maître d'Art) title is awarded for life by the French Ministry for Culture. It identifies women and men of passion for their oddity of their know-how, their exceptional career and their implication in the renewal of the craft field.  


Since its creation in 1994, only 141 professionals have been awarded in both artistic creation field as the heritage preservation.

The symbol of commitment : the transmission


As a Master of Art (Maître d'Art), Frank Sorbier has for main mission to teach and to transmit his know-how and traditional as contemporary technics to a selected student for a 3-year apprenticeship, in the Ateliers.


Motivated by the determination for technicities perpetuation and the aim of sharing, Frank Sorbier is committed, each Haute Couture season, to reach out hhis knowledge and his expertise to the young generation of students.  

It has to be said here that the Franck Sorbier Ateliers turn into a true school. The teaching is going beyond its initial nature of technics learning, raising awareness to the young students of the Haute Couture and fashion markets (international business, marketing supply chain ...)  

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